Travel Near and Far

We've rounded up some traveling tips and the perfect outfits for wherever life may take you!

Road Trip

You and your friends have mapped out the PERFECT road trip to wrap up the end of the summer. The excitement continues to build but here are tips for before you hit the open road:


Have an IDEA of a plan, but be open to spontaneity throughout. Having a rough plan will give you things to do, but keeping it open will lead to new adventures you never thought of!

Stock up on the tunes! Don’t forget the famous throwbacks--All the Small Things, Ignition, and Sk8ter Boi will get everyone dancing in the car.

BRING A SPARE CAR KEY! Nothing is worse being stranded in a place you’ve never been with no way to get home.

Ask locals where you should eat. They know the BEST hole-in-the-wall restaurants that you may not have found using Google Maps.

Pack lots of comfy clothes so you’re not restricted in the car such as:




Out of the country

Whether it’s your first time crossing the country borders or you’re a routine expert these tips will help your trip go smoothly.


Make copies of your passport, credit/debit card, and driver's license. Leave them with a loved one at home, and also have a copy in another place outside of your usual wallet spot.

Utilize ATM’s. Banks can charge an arm and a leg in fees but also be careful to not carry large sums of money with you.

Call your bank ahead of time so they don’t shut off your debit/credit card(s) while you’re traveling.

Use your best judgment. Scammers will try to steal from you if you look like tourist stay away from sketchy situations. (Common sense, I know. However, not as common as you might think.)

Wear comfy travel clothes but also pack NICE LOOKING comfy clothes. Especially in Europe, they dress nicely on a daily basis. Try some of these ideas:


Down the street

Sometimes squeezing in time to take a vacation is impossible. Staying local can still be fun!!


Take a day (or even a couple of hours) to go to the beach/pool. Get that feeling of summer for just a little bit.

Host a potluck/barbecue. Who says you need to travel around the world to eat delicious food?!

Shop locally! When you shop at small businesses, not only will you find the coolest souvenirs but you’ll be helping to give back to your community.

Go see a movie/play. Escape the daily routine by taking a 2-3 hour break from reality.

Dress how you have ALWAYS wanted to! Don’t let people judge you, the ones who truly love you won’t care anyway. Have you thought about these items?