Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloweekend is almost upon us. 


Halloween is fantastic because it's the weekend you can be whoever, whatever you want to be and no one can say anything about it. Being extra and original always gives you brownie points but if you're anything like me, you're busy all the freaking time and you're amazed that Halloween is already here. 


Don't worry, we've got you covered. We've rounded up easy, cute, and fun costumes for whatever kind of party you've got planned this weekend. 


Riding solo this year? Try one of these quirky costumes!

A Unicorn


This is a super easy costume to put together and it's SUPER easy to put your own touch on it but *DISCLAIMER* this was one of the most pinned costume ideas. You may not be the only neon mystical creature at your party.

Darla (From Finding Nemo)


Grab a purple shirt, a cute skirt and some pretend headgear (you can make some from paper and tape) and you're good to go! But leave your fish at home or you may be sending your own squishy friend down the toilet by the end of the night.

Morton Salt Girl


Yellow dress? Check. Umbrella? Check. Oh wait, you're all good to go then! 


Trying to plan an adorable costume combination for you and that special someone? Don't worry, there's plenty of options to choose from.

Jake from State Farm & Flo From Progressive


"It's Jake...From StateFarm." "Progressive makes it easy." The Instagram captions are endless with this adorable couple set.

Eleven and Mike


What better way to kick off the second season of Stranger Things then as dressing up as your fav characters? You probably have most of these clothes in your closet anyway (if not, try your local Goodwill for the more of the 80's/90's look).

Bob Ross & Painting


This clever take on the famous man (meme) and his amazing artwork will surely make you the center of attention. Let the memes commence. 


Can't go out without the rest of your squad? Totally understand. Take a peek at these clever costumes for so you can include all of your closest squad members.

Social Butterflies


Don't forget about Bumble, Tinder, or VSCO if you're looking to add even more social networks to your crew. 

Bridesmaids Cast


Does your crew have an abundance of pink dresses? Then OH BOY does this costume set work perfect for all y'all. Maybe Goodwill or even your mom has some old pink bridesmaid dresses too.

Rock Groupies


These easy costumes will help you all get ready FAST. Just don't forget the teasing brush and like 5 cans of hairspray. Oh, black eyeliner is also a must.


We didn't forget about the kids and your fam bam! Check out these costumes for you, your hubby and your little ones!

Where's Waldo?


This common costume is easy to make and makes it even easier to find the kids after running around for hours. "Where's my little Waldo?"

Napoleon Dynamite Cast


"I think things are getting pretty serious" in this costume set. There are endless characters to add (to add in another humor factor your or your husband could even go as Tina their llama).

Pacman Crew



Grab some cardboard for Pacman and then colored sheets from Goodwill or a (cheap) craft store will complete the look with construction paper for the eyes. Can these costumes get any easier?!



Have some other ideas that we didn't mention? Write in the comments below! We'd love to hear what costumes will be floating around over the next week. Got some family costumes? Send us some pictures to possibly be featured in our next blog or on our social media!


Enjoy your Halloweekend🎃