Holiday Gift Ideas for That Hard to Buy for Girl in Your Life!


The holidays are quickly approaching and most of us have our list of who to buy for in mind.  If you’re like me, you have some people on your list who are a joy to shop for because they are delighted by anything you give them, but you also have others on your list who are nearly impossible.  Maybe you don’t know their size or they have very specific tastes or you simply just never know where to start.

Don’t let those tough to buy for girls ruin your holiday shopping fun!  Here are some great ideas that should fill even the most difficult person on your list with holiday cheer:


I love accessories because they are truly one size fits all!  If you’ve ever made the mistake of offending someone by buying them the wrong size of clothing, you’ll understand why accessories make such a great gift!  I have some great handmade (and affordable!) earrings on my site which are good choices on their own and also pair well with other gifts if you’re looking to spend a little more! 

A Sholdit

What do you get for the girl who has everything?  How about a fashion accessory that pulls double duty as a carry-all?  That’s right, you can now buy infinity scarves that have a hidden zippered pocket that can fit keys, wallets, cell phones and more!  How ingenious is that??  Perfect for your globe-trotting friend as they work great in airports!

The Newest Tech

Do you have someone on your list who always seems to be up on the latest technology gadgets?  Tech gifts make good presents as long as you’re A: wanting to spend a little more to get quality and B: know enough about your friend or family member to ensure you’re not buying them something they’ve already bought for themselves.  If those two requirements apply, take a look at this list of the best tech products new for this 2016 holiday season!


A Comfy Cardi

Do you have one of those friends who ALWAYS seems to be cold?  The one who hunts down a blanket when she comes over to watch movies or who is always cranking the heat up to 75?  I think we all know at least one gal who fits the bill (or maybe it’s YOU!).  If so, a big, comfy cardigan makes an awesome gift.  You don’t have to worry much about sizing as they’re supposed to be oversized, and even if the recipient already has a few cardigans, they can ALWAYS use another!


Gifts for the Little Ones

If you’re anything like me, you’d rather hear compliments about your kids than about yourself.  In the same vein, many mommies would rather have something new for their kids than they would for themselves.  If you’ve got a mom on your list, why not get some super cute clothes for their son or daughter, like this adorable shirt from Little Mango.  


If you aren’t sure on sizes (or just don’t want to give your friends’ kids clothes), this site also offers some other fun gift ideas like the ultra-cool Mad Pax Backpacks, adorable and dainty Raine & Skye coin purses or, my favorite (and not sure because it’s my little Fiona in the picture!!), the combo blankie and stuffed animal Kippins.

Little Mango offers gift certificates, too, if you really can’t decide!!  And speaking of gift certificates, I offer gift certificates to Sweet P & Fi as well if you want to give the gift of affordable fashion (but aren’t sure about sizes).  

Don’t put off shopping for those hard to buy for girls on your list!  Use the suggestions above to get your purchases made early so you can cross them off the list.  Happy holidays and happy shopping!