Five (Fashion) Signs that Fall has Arrived!

Some people know that fall has officially arrived when the pumpkin products start hitting the grocery store shelves or when your kids start talking about what they want to be for Halloween.  Here at Sweet P & Fi, I know it’s autumn when the cute fall fashion starts appearing!  Here are three (fashion) signs that fall is truly here!

Football Gear Appears!  Everyone loves a good tailgate and, being in Husker Nation, I know that when the gridiron gear starts showing up, fall (and football season!) is here!  Looking for a shirt that can be worn to ANY football outing?  How about this adorable top?


At just $25, you can be fashionable (and versatile) for any game, while still showing your team colors.  And while you’re at it, why not pick up a matching top for your little one?  We love this super cute shirt from Little Mango and know it would look adorable on your pint-sized fan!

Bring on the Cardigans!!  

What’s NOT to love about cardigans???  I adore them because they are the perfect closet staple for changing seasons.  Wearing something you’re worried won’t stand up to a blustery day?  Throw a cardigan in your bag to put on in case you get a chill!  On the flip side, wear a cardigan over a short-sleeved top and easily remove it if the day gets a big warmer than you expected!  Cardigans come in all weights, colors and styles, from super-casual to dressier statement pieces.  



You simply can’t go wrong with a cardigan, and I love seeing all the new colors, styles and fabrics that gals are wearing out and about!


Rockin’ the layers  Fall is totally layering season, and a favorite layering piece in this part of the country is vests!  Vests can be worn over short sleeves, over sweaters, under coats…the combinations are really endless and can be modified depending on the temps that day.  I’ve got some great vest options on the site, depending on whether you’re looking for a casual or a more tailored, professional look.  


I love to go out and people-watch to see how everyone dresses up or dresses down their vests.  I call it ‘research’!  

Hello boots!

If there is one piece of cold-weather gear I love more than cardigans, it’s boots!!  Calf-high boots, booties, cowboy boots…even cute snow boots! I want them all!  And one of my favorite things to do is figure out fun ways to pair different types of boots with our clothes.  One brand I CANNOT get enough of this season is TOMS! They have the cutest booties, like these amazing cheetah print numbers:

I own more than one pair (ahem three!) and they have become my absolute favorite go-to shoe option.  Not only are they stylish and comfy, but it always feels good to support a company like TOMS that gives back to those in need.

The Jackets Come Back Out

I love how the styles of jackets change almost every year.  From short to long, to basic to accessorized, a good jacket can not only make your outfit, but also make your day!  When the last stop on your way out the door is the closet to pick out your jacket for the day, you know it’s fall!  I’ve gotten in a few cute jackets so far this year, but this one is my favorite so far.  The best of casual and stylish meshed together in one must-have!

If you are in any doubt that fall has arrived, just take a look around and do some people-watching!  When you see the football gear, layers, cardis, jackets and the cute boots make an appearance, you’ll know that summer is a thing of the past.