5 Important Fall Fashion Tips

It's officially Fall! 😍 (And I am officially doing my happy dance!)

The leaves are falling, the weather is cooling and yet the styles on the street just starting to heat up. Everyone here at Sweet P and Fi has been waiting for this moment. Pumpkin spiced lattes, beanies, boots, beautiful colors, the list goes on and on. (Fall is just the best time of the year, ya feel? Don't @ me.) We have all you need to stay warm, comfy, and up to date on the latest fashion trends. 

First rule of fall: LAYER

It seems like the biggest pain in the butt about fall is how the weather is crisp in the morning, horribly hot in the afternoon, and then chilly again in the evening. The weather is nearly impossible to predict so dressing in layers that you can take off and then put back on is oh, so handy. Try one of our vests for warmth and add a scarf for that extra special touch.



Fall Tip #2: It's All in the (Little) Details

This season is all about the little--here and there--details. Lace, ties, buttons, lace-up, zippers, they all make basic items a touch more interesting. The details help to dress your outfit up or down. Take the top above for example! We are in loooovee, aren't you?!



Tip tres: Denim, Denim, Denim

I know, I know we all love our leggings and basically live in them. (They're just super comfy, trust me, I GET it!) But for those extra chilly days, it's important to keep warm. Stretchy denim is the perfect way to do that! Like these KanCan jeans! 

Pro Tip: buying jeans can be difficult for everyone. To ensure you always look spectacular, wear denim that FITS regardless of what size the tag says. You'll feel more confident when you're wearing your new pants if you don't think or look at the size. Confidence = Happiness = Beautiful!



The fourth rule of Fall: Utilize Jackets & Cardigans

Jackets and cardigans are the perfect tools to help bring your summer wardrobe into the chillier months. Their versatility is perfect for mixing and matching different colors and patterns while being comfy and cute! Again, look for little details to help make your outfit unique.



Tip numba 5: Accessorize 

Accessories add that finishing touch to your outfit (and usually can help with your daily activities as well. Win-win!) Clutches, necklaces, hats, scarves all make great additions to your closet!



Your Fall Recap: 

Fall, just like every other season, is a new time to show to the world how big of a #GirlBoss you know you already are. Your clothes should represent you are and what you stand for. Don't let other's get in the way of your success. You got this. It's time to enjoy apple orchards and pumpkin everything!🎃

Happy Fall Season Babes!