Blue and White Striped Button Up Off-the-Shoulder Top

 I am so in love with this blue and white striped off-the-shoulder top! As soon as I got it in, it started giving me visions of breezy summer days at the beach…even though I live in land-locked Nebraska!

There are so many fun outfits you can create with this top, but for this post, we decided to dress it up a little bit. The colors pair perfectly with denim, so we selected a high-waisted, A-line denim skirt. Simply tuck the shirt into the top and, if you’d like, throw on a sassy belt.

Make the outfit pop with a splash of red! Grab a cute red clutch (I suggest one that has a removable shoulder strap as I tend to leave my clutches everywhere!) and some adorable red kitten heels. Throw on a bold brass or gold bracelet and you are ready to go!

This outfit is perfect for a spring or summer date. It also makes a fashionable statement at work if you’ve got a more casual office environment.

We’ve got the top for $24.50, but it’s going quick! Grab yours today and you’ll be well on your way to a unique outfit that will get people talking.