5 Ways to be Comfy AND Cute

If you’ve looked at enough of my clothes in the boutique, you must know by now that I highly value being comfy! As the mom of two young girls and an entrepreneur, I never know what my day is going to bring and it usually involves lots of running around. However, I’ve never wanted to be one of those work-from-home types who never seemed to be able to get out of their sweatpants or pajamas. I think there is definitely a way to be comfortable yet still be stylish, and I hope that shows not only in how I personally dress, but also in the clothes I keep in stock. Here are some of my suggestions on how you can walk that fine line of comfy AND cute!

  1. It’s all about the pockets

I don’t know what it is about pockets, but I think they are the gold standard of comfortable. When I wear something with pockets, I can store my cell phone or credit card, I can warm up my hands, I can do practically anything! Luckily, there are plenty of stylish tops and dresses available these days that have pockets built right in. This one has got to be my absolute favorite. Stripes, florals AND pockets?? You can’t say no to that!

  1. Bring on the hoodies!

I remember back in my college days when girls would show up to class in sweats, Uggs, and hoodies. Okay, okay, so maybe I did that a few times as well. Back then, we weren’t interested in looking good, we were only interested in putting on some form of clothing to get to class in the morning. These days, however, there are so many cute hoodies out there that take casual to the next level. This adorable gray hoodie with the floral hood is in my personal closet, and I get compliments on it every time I wear it.

  1. Tunics are IN!

You know what another word for comfortable is in my book? Versatile! There’s nothing worse than having something in your closet that can only be worn for specific occasions or paired with one or two other pieces. What I love about tunics is that they can be worn as a top with skinny jeans or as a dress with leggings or tights. The length makes them a great comfy staple and they’re sure to keep you warm as we wait out this winter!

  1. Who says dresses can’t be comfortable?

Too many people have a narrow view of dresses. They think of them as either formal (like a prom dress) or ultra-professional (think pencil skirts and suit jackets). The dresses I keep in stock, though, are far from either of those. One of my go-to comfy outfits is a warm sweater dress and a pair of thick leggings with some boots. This is more comfy than jeans and a sweater, in my opinion, and I often wear this ensemble on days when I feel an extra need to be cozy.

  1. Don’t forget the shoes!

There’s no better way to mess up a comfortable outfit than with the wrong pair of shoes! I’ve seen many gals make the mistake of choosing the perfect comfy dress or jeggings, then pair them with sky-high heels they can barely walk in. If you’re on the go a lot for work or family reasons, you have to wear some comfortable shoes. Toms is my favorite brand of shoes because they have ultra casual cute, like the ones below, and more dressy shoes that are also extremely comfy. Take a peek in my closet and you’ll see how much I love this brand!

What are some of your favorite ways to stay comfy while still looking fashionable? What are some comfy staples you’d like to see me carry in the boutique? Would love to hear your feedback!